The Mikkelson Family

  • Published June 24th, 2010 by Andrea Bidwell
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Look at this family! One might say we were biased, being that they are our children and grandchildren and all, but it is undeniable. They are perfect! Look at all those gorgeous smiles! (Even the dogs have nice smiles!)

Dee, our lovely daughter, and her boys came to us for a family photo shoot. They knew exactly what they wanted, which is always helpful, and they were so much fun to work with. They even brought in their own rustic garden bench - which, though you would never guess by looking at it - weighed a LOT! I won't mention the amount of work it took to actually get that thing in the studio! Luckily, Dave is a 6-foot-tall ex-football player with plenty of muscle power!  Clearly it was well worth it. I love how it works with the brick background to give a casual feel to this fabulous portrait.


Dee and Dave are so much fun and so full of energy and life. After over 15 years of marriage, they still have such a great time together and are always making each other laugh.

The photo shoot was a blast! However, the boys were a bit tricky, particularly their oldest, Christian. He is going through that phase where he is far too embarrassed (and cool) to pose for photos, especially for his grandparents. Yet, with a little convincing, some privacy and a lot of bribery, we were able to get some gorgeous shots of him.His younger brother Keller was a trooper. He's not quite old enough to be completely mortified by us and our cameras yet, I suppose.

And then there were the pups...

One might look at these adorable dogs and believe they were calm, cool and collected throughout the shoot. But no! They were so excited to be there. They were whizzing up and down the stairs, in and out of the studio, and having their own little party! However, look at them! They stopped for the camera, long enough for their own personal photo shoot. And thank goodness for that. The Mikkelson Family portraits would not have been complete without Dulce and Coal!

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