Fall Colors in Newport Beach

Many families like to have a professional portrait session in the fall.  It's a great time to get updated photos of your family as well as a beautiful image for your holiday card.  When we get a call for a portrait session, one of the first - and most important - things we must consider is the location.  You've heard it before - location, location, location.  If the family wants to have a studio session, we need to choose a background.  If the family wants to be photographed outdoors, in nature, we go scouting for a location.
A couple of weeks ago, a Newport Beach family called with a unique request.  They want a location session, outdoors, very close to home (i.e. Newport Beach) --- in the fall colors!  Wait....what?
Scouting locations for a portrait session involves consideration of a number of important factors, including what does the background look like?  What is the lighting like at any given time of the day?  Can we find a spot where we won't be overrun by lots of people inadvertently taking over the background?  And in this case - we had to find something with the look of fall colors as well.  Not an easy task in Newport Beach, California!

We considered several park locations in the area and actually scouted out a few of them.  The family in question did not want to travel more than a few minutes from home, making the search a bit more challenging.  Once we did find some locations, some of them were quite a hike from the nearest parking area, also making it a big challenge.

We took Buddy along, as he loves to be part of the scouting team!  Here is what we found.

Not only does it look like a fall scene, there is a beautiful pond, full of lots of ducks (just watch your step while walking around!)  You will also notice the scene is framed by a beautiful big tree in the foreground.

Although those trees you see in the background are not really orange, the sun shining on them at this time of day gives them a glow which makes them look that way.  At this point, there is no photoshop involved - it's just finding the right spot, at the right time of day.  We hope that it will be this sunny on the day of the shoot -- praying!

And, of course, Buddy approves of this location and will be on hand as our number 1 assistant when we photograph the Newport Beach family - who I think will be quite pleased with their fall portrait!


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Welcoming 2013 with Hugs and Kisses

Hugs, kisses, love - the joy of time spent with loved ones.  We are so lucky to have a job where these are the experiences we share with our clients every day!  We spent 2012 photographing a variety of sessions, from babies to families to couples and everything in between.  What other way to welcome the new year than with fond memories of the year passed?  

If we had room to post all of our favorites, this blog would go on for days.  So we sifted through our photographs from 2012 and chose a sampling of our favorite shots taken outdoors and in, sure to be inspiration for sessions to come. 

















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Susan and Frank

  • Published September 15th, 2010 by Andrea Bidwell
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I love my job.

Not only do I get to work with beautiful couples, such as Susan and Frank, but I get to learn some very important secrets! For instance, Susan and Frank have been married for 31 years! 31 years after they exchanged vows, these gorgeous people are still in love and are so romantic with one another. I had to wonder how any couple could keep their love so alive after decades together and, after a bit of discussion, I learned the secret.


Frank arrived at our studio looking extremely dapper. I commented on how well Susan shopped for him and she corrected me. Frank does his own shopping. Not only that, he actually enjoys shopping! There you have it, folks. The secret to everlasting love!

Really, just watching this couple interact was breathtaking. They behaved much like the couples who come to us for engagement photographs or wedding photography. Susan was even romantic about how she ordered their photo album. She chose photos that really highlighted how in love they are and accented it with quotes about love and being in love. It was sweet and refreshing to see a couple married so long be this way with each other.

We are so lucky to be among the elite group of Newport Beach/Orange County couples' photographers. It is such an honor for us to work with such delightful and passionate people. Susan and Frank were a joy to work with. And the camera loved them!


" A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

~Mignon McLaughlin

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The Mikkelson Family

  • Published June 24th, 2010 by Andrea Bidwell
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Look at this family! One might say we were biased, being that they are our children and grandchildren and all, but it is undeniable. They are perfect! Look at all those gorgeous smiles! (Even the dogs have nice smiles!)

Dee, our lovely daughter, and her boys came to us for a family photo shoot. They knew exactly what they wanted, which is always helpful, and they were so much fun to work with. They even brought in their own rustic garden bench - which, though you would never guess by looking at it - weighed a LOT! I won't mention the amount of work it took to actually get that thing in the studio! Luckily, Dave is a 6-foot-tall ex-football player with plenty of muscle power!  Clearly it was well worth it. I love how it works with the brick background to give a casual feel to this fabulous portrait.


Dee and Dave are so much fun and so full of energy and life. After over 15 years of marriage, they still have such a great time together and are always making each other laugh.

The photo shoot was a blast! However, the boys were a bit tricky, particularly their oldest, Christian. He is going through that phase where he is far too embarrassed (and cool) to pose for photos, especially for his grandparents. Yet, with a little convincing, some privacy and a lot of bribery, we were able to get some gorgeous shots of him.His younger brother Keller was a trooper. He's not quite old enough to be completely mortified by us and our cameras yet, I suppose.

And then there were the pups...

One might look at these adorable dogs and believe they were calm, cool and collected throughout the shoot. But no! They were so excited to be there. They were whizzing up and down the stairs, in and out of the studio, and having their own little party! However, look at them! They stopped for the camera, long enough for their own personal photo shoot. And thank goodness for that. The Mikkelson Family portraits would not have been complete without Dulce and Coal!

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