Best Friends

Vickie and Mandie.



A beautiful pair who share a uniquely genuine, fierce and loyal love...


Two beings very devoted to each other, even after 16 years together...


Best friends who love to spend every possible moment with each other...



Our friend Vickie came to us asking if we would photograph her most reliable and trustworthy pal – her dog, Mandie!



Mandie is an adorable little shih tzu who came into Vickie’s life over 16 years ago and has been her sidekick ever since.



We truly enjoyed capturing the partnership and mutual love between these two.What a joy they bring to each other's lives. 


"A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
   -Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw)

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Our New Sweet Buddy

  • Published May 12th, 2010 by Maria Turley Prasad
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I have been so excited and eager to share with you that we adopted the most amazing dog. Admittedly, after years of not having a dog, or any pets, actually, we were a little nervous about this huge responsibility. And by huge I mean nearly 100 pounds of golden, silky-haired, sweet and perfect dog!

Buddy came into our lives a few weeks ago when my daughter Andrea introduced us to her Baby Boot Camp instructor (mom/baby fitness class) who was looking for a home for her dog. The instructor, Nancy, and her husband, James, had been relocated to Russia for work. They knew that if the 14+ hour flight to Russia didn't do Buddy in, any possible time in quarantine would. This is a dog who just wants to be surrounded by his people. He will go to great lengths to make sure he is by the side of the people who love and care for him. Knowing this, Nancy and James began to search for a new home for their boy. Somehow the fates aligned and brought Buddy to us. We knew he was meant to be with us, and us with him.

Though it devastated us to separate Buddy from Nancy, James and their children, Ricky, Fiona and Vanessa, we brought him home in early May and have been having a wonderful time getting to know him. With the help of books and tapes by Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) we have established an amazing connection and relationship with Buddy. Buddy follows us around all the time and just wants to be near us. He is with us when we work, eat, play, and sleep. When we leave for a quick dinner out or a trip to the store, we come home to Buddy's beautiful, huge face smooshed against the glass in the front door, waiting eagerly for our return. He is the most well-mannered and gentle dog whose greatest desire involves a prolonged rub of the tummy or some chewed up tire pieces.

Our granddaughters, Makenna and Annika, finally got to meet Mr. Buddy last weekend. He was in Heaven with all the love they were giving him! They were petting his giant head as he rested it in their little laps, laying their little heads on his belly... they were smothering him with attention and affection. And Buddy has probably never been happier!  

Every morning we wake up and take Buddy out to the Upper Newport Bay near our studio. He loves these hour-long walks and never seems to tire. I'm telling you, this dog is so happy and easy to please. Yes, he loves the belly rubs, hugs and kisses, but he absolutely adores being out in nature as well. You can see him taking it all in - each flower, each bird, each scent. He is really in his element out there.

We can not imagine what it was like before these 100 pounds of love were in our lives. We have been blessed with the most perfect dog and can't wait for you to meet him. Please come and visit our new studio mascot soon!


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