An Academy Award Winner in the Making

The minute you meet Marc, you can't help it.  You will break into a huge smile.  At only 12 years old, he already lights up the whole room when he enters it!


We first met Marc a few years ago, when his mom brought him to Prasad Photography  for a headshot session.  Since then, we've become great friends, and a few weeks ago he was back to update his resume with some new headshots.

We love working with Marc - he is a good sport and the camera loves him!

Everyone loves Marc and Buddy is no exception.  Our Labradane just wanted to be near him the whole time!

In addition to acting, Marc is a multi-talented young man.   His special skills include competitive alpine skiing (!), snowboarding, swimming, guitar, creative writing, and we could go on and on - check out his dance form!

Do we have here a future Hugh Jackman in the making??  With Marc's handsome good looks and delightful personality, we're sure he will become a big star!

Marc's got the looks, the talent, and the personality to succeed in any venture he decides eventually to pursue.  We're looking forward to sharing the journey with him!

He's already a big star in our eyes -- and Buddy's too!

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Nikita visits from Bollywood!

This stunning young woman recently came to us for a headshot. Her aunt, Dr. Sangeeta Patel, is a longtime client and friend and a well-known and loved pediatrician in Tustin.  Over the years, we have had the privilege of photographing Sangeeta's daughter's arangetram as well as several sessions of the family.  On a recent trip to India, Sangeeta took a DVD of our images to share with her family there. Nikita saw the DVD and loved our work! Lucky for us, because she traveled all the way here just to have us photograph her!  

Okay, so maybe she was planning a visit to her family in the US and it just so happened we photographed her while she was here, but it all worked out very nicely regardless!

Nikita is a lovely and sweet young lady who actually spends most of her time behind the camera. In India she studies filmography and would like to become a film director. She has a great appreciation for the art of photography which made it a lot of fun to work with her.  Her experience and background in the film industry makes her very comfortable being photographed and the camera loved her!

Because she told us her family in India is fairly traditional, we also photographed Nikita in classic Indian clothing.  Once we got that out of the way, she dressed into her western clothes, where she felt completely comfortable and had a blast modeling for us as the modern, young woman that she is!  With her brains, great personality, and unmistakeable charm, we are sure she will be quite a success in the world of Bollywood films!

It doesn't matter how this young woman dresses. She is beautiful in every way, inside and out, and it was a joy to spend some time with her and capture some fantastic images!


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