An Arioso is a song, and there are two women out there who know how to make quite a song.

Cindy Ellis and Michelle Temple are two of the most gifted musicians we know. Both Cindy and her husband Tony (who plays trumpet) play for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Orange County, and have been friends and clients for many years. Cindy is a blast. She keeps us laughing the entire time we are photographing her. We always have such an amazing time with her!

Cindy brought her incredibly talented musical partner, Michelle Temple, a harpist for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, for a session, and not only do these two make beautiful music, they make beautiful subjects!  We had such a great time photographing these very talented and very fun gals!

Their portraits were stunning, and everyone was extremely pleased with the session. However, getting that humongous harp up the stairs and into the studio was no small task! But leave it not for us to be daunted. We love a challenge...even one as, er, huge as that!

Women as gorgeous and playful as these two make our job entirely too easy. I think that's why they brought the harp. They wanted to make sure we earned our keep.



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