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Dear Friend,

Your daughter is growing and changing so fast, isn't she? Your children (and yes, they will be your "children" even when they're married and have kids of their own) are growing up, and becoming more like adults every day.  Don't you wish you could just "freeze time" and hold these special moments forever?

We are professional photographers, but more than that, we are just like you... we're family people.

We Can Stop The Clock. Memories Are The Most Valuable Thing We Own.

Can you relate to this at all? We wake up every morning and wonder where the time is going. Do you ever do that? Have you noticed that, the older you and your children get, the faster time seems to fly? And now your daughter is going to have her Arangetram, one of the most special days of her entire life!  The only thing you will have left to remember this very special time is the photographs. 

Myths, Mistakes, And Misconceptions About Having A Portrait Created - The Stuff 99% Of All People In The World Don't Know: 

By visiting our website, you must at least be considering having a portrait of your child created. Well, that's great - you will probably never make a decision that will bring you more lasting joy.  However, there are some things you NEED to know before any of your loved ones step in front of any camera.  By the time you finish reading this single page, you will know everything you need to know about how to have the perfect portrait created - the one you will cherish forever! 

You may feel that having a portrait done is going to be a lot of work on your part. Well, it isn't!  In fact, that could almost be one of the "myths or mistakes" right there. As long as you know the information on this site, it won't be any work at all on your part.

                                                             ....So, let's jump right in!

#1 Myth, Mistake Or Misconception:
"There's No Way To GUARANTEE I Will Love My Portraits."

WRONG! Depending on who creates your portrait, that is.  Just suppose you had a portrait created, and your son or daughter didn't look natural in it.  The photograph was "ok," but it didn't turn out spectacular.  Should you have to pay for it?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! We believe strongly that no one should ever have to pay for a photograph that isn't PERFECT. That's why we offer the following guarantee:

CHECK THIS OUT - A Guarantee Unlike Any You've Ever Heard:

If Your Daughter (or Son) Doesn't Look The Happiest & Best They've Ever Looked In These Photographs - If You Don't Cry (tears of joy) When You Look At Them - You Don't Pay Us For Them. 

That's our guarantee and personal promise to you. As far as we know, there's no other photographer around that will make you this super guarantee. These photographs will be completely meaningless to you unless they are the most stunning images that will create a lasting memory for you. That's the only real reason to have an Arangetram portrait created.

So, if FOR ANY REASON you feel that the photographs we create for you are anything less than perfect - if you don't actually cry when we show them to you for the first time, you don't pay us for them. It's that simple.

Obviously, we're totally confident that the portraits we create of your child will be well beyond anything you imagine.  We believe completely that these photographs will become your most prized possessions - that, if your house were on fire, you would grab them on the way out of your burning home.  This is not arrogance. We can't stand arrogance. No, this is a complete belief in our abilities to capture natural, real emotions and perfect dance poses on film unlike anyone else.  That's what we've devoted our lives to, and that's why we can't wait to photograph your child for you.

So, To Restate, Here's Our Fantastic DOUBLE GUARANTEE:

If you are not THRILLED with your photographs - if you are dissatisfied for ANY reason at all, we will do two things for you:

1st - At NO CHARGE, we will photograph your child again, and make sure that anything that wasn't perfect is fixed, without you paying another cent.

2nd - If we are absolutely unable to thrill you - if we're unable to create photographs that you feel you will cherish forever, we will refund EVERY PENNY you invested in them.  You don't pay for your photographs unless you love them beyond expression!

If we don't end up being your photographer, make ABSOLUTELY SURE your photographer offers this strong of a guarantee. If they are good, they should back up their work by taking all the risk off of you.

#2 Myth, Mistake Or Misconception:
"All Portraits Are Created Equal."

INCORRECT.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you're at all like most people, you've probably had this question going through your mind:  "How do I choose the right photographer?" In fact, you may even have thought of someone in your family - an uncle, a grandparent, even a friend - who is a bit of an amateur photographer.  Why not just have that person create the photograph of your daughter?

Question:  "Just Suppose Someone Were To Create The Perfect Portrait - One Where Your Loved One Looked Better Than Ever, Happier Than Ever - A Portrait That Meant The World To You - What Would That Be Worth?"  

No price tag can be put on your family's memories. They are and always will be priceless.  So, why would you ever want to gamble with those memories?  It's just a question of whether you believe a portrait of your child could really mean that much to you.

If you were sick, and had to go to a doctor, would you want the "cheapest" doctor, or the best one?  Well, there's really no question. It's the same thing with your family's memories.  You can certainly find a cheaper photographer in town.  But there are other things to consider than just price...

The Photographer You Choose Should Care About YOUR CHILD AND YOUR MEMORIES, Not Just About "Making A Buck" Off You. 

We pride ourselves on becoming a family friend of every family we photograph.  We've even had some clients invite us to their houses for birthday parties and such. You see, we didn't get into photography to get rich.  There are better (and easier) ways to make a fast buck.   

But we CHOSE to become professional family photographers.  Why did we make that career choice? Because we finally realized that all the money in the world meant nothing to us if we didn't feel like we were making a difference. 

We Realized That Memories Were Priceless - That There Was No More Noble Or Wonderful Profession Than To Become A "Memory Giver."   

Time is the one thing that none of us have enough of.  It's the one thing that money can't buy.  It's the one thing that we all would give just about anything for.  Through photography, we can hold on to the moments in our lives that we wish could last forever.  And, if it's done correctly, these same photographs can become almost like works of art that we display in our homes for everyone to see and share.



Don't Make The Decision As To Who Will Photograph Your Family Until You Chat With Us. There Are Things You'll Want To Ask The Photographers...

   There's no cost, and no obligation to just chat with us, and it will make the whole difference as to how great your portraits will look.  Simply contact us by phone at 949-548-1815, just to chat. 

   Don't worry. We're not going to try to "sell you" on working with us. We're already very busy, and we don't need to pressure anyone to work with us as a photographer. We'll just talk to you about your portraits, and help you discover what your photographs could be like. 

If you decide to have us create your portraits - great.  If not, no problem.

#3 Myth, Mistake Or Misconception:
"Portraits Have To Look Boring."

 This is SO Important:  You Feel Totally Comfortable In Front Of The Camera!

Do you know ANYONE who feels totally comfortable in front of a camera? We'll bet you don't. We don't. Nearly everyone we've ever met tells us the same thing: "I never look natural in pictures."  The last thing you want is a photograph where you or your family members have that fake "posed" look on your face.   

That's why it's so important that you feel very natural and comfortable with your photographer.  We take pride in developing very close relationships with all our clients, and their entire family.    

Plus, we understand the "psychology" of photography.  Learning the technical aspects - what lenses to use, what lighting looks best, how lighting and posing adds and subtracts weight in a portrait - all of those things were only the tip of the iceberg.  Without being able to make your daughter look and feel comfortable (and natural) in a portrait, all those technical things would amount to nothing..


Pick up the phone, and call our studio at 949-548-1815.

Even if it's after business hours, still call right now. We've got an answering machine that is just waiting to cheerfully take your message, and we'll personally call you back so we can chat.  Just let us know when is a good time to call you back. Don't worry, we're not going to try to "pressure" you at all into working with us.  Plus, there's no cost at all for us just to chat.

When you call, we'll chat briefly about the things you need to know. We'll tell you a bit about us. We'll answer all your questions about how to prepare for an Arangetram portrait. It won't be a long call, but it will be one of the most important calls you make.

#4 Myth, Mistake Or Misconception:
"There's No Rush To Have A Portrait Created Right Now."

You know how things are. If you don't pick up the phone right now, and at least call us to chat about your portrait, you will probably get swamped with other things, and forget all about it. 

You see, time is ticking.... and it's never going to stop.

This is a precious time, and although things will change, this moment never has to slip from your fingers. 

Don't put this off.  You know how life is. We put things off, and before we know it, everything has changed.  If your life is half as crazy as ours is, year after year you find yourself frustrated at the things you wanted to do, and never got done.  A stunning portrait is something you deserve.

Life is so terribly short. But, at the same time, life is such a wonderful gift.  And the memories we keep of these special moments will last forever.

The Perfect Arangetram Portrait Is Only One Phone Call Away...

Make the call now. It will be a call you will be glad you made for the rest of your life. We look forward to hearing from you.


Prasad & Maria




If you are considering Arangetram photography, please read what others are saying about us: 

Sumona Vohra, an Arangetram student who came to us recently for Arangetram photography, wrote about her experience:

Good Vibrations

"I feel that it is important to work with people with whom I truly connect. 

Prasad and Maria have very positive and good vibrations.  They are such warm, genuine, kind, loving and caring people; and put their hearts and souls into their creativity.  They also have this special gift of letting each person's Inner Beauty shine through in their compositions.  In essence, they capture the deepest parts of our Spirits.  The beauty one sees isn't merely physical:  It is very much spiritual, as well.  

My magical Arangetram photoshoot was all this and more.  For which I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart. 

I Was Nervous About My Photo Session

It happened in the Summer of 2011.   The other Arangetram girls, who had their photo sessions before me, had their moms with them.  I was the eldest of the lot, an adult, and was away from my family, who reside in Virginia.  I remember deeply yearning and wishing that my mother was with me.    So, I did feel a little sad about that.

However, as the Universe has always been very kind to me, I had a family friend and her Arangetramee daughter accompany me.   They had offered to do so.  I graciously accepted it, and was thrilled to have good company to help me with dressing up, and not to mention, much moral support.  That made a big difference.  In addition, Prasad and Maria displayed great patience and compassion:  They intuitively understood that I was missing my mother, but that I was making the most of everything.  How comforting--I didn't have to say a word. 

Prasad and Maria gently guided me and gave me great suggestions during the photoshoot.   And yet, I was also given the space to express myriads of shades, as well nuances of emotions.  I explored with lots of dance poses, too.  It was obvious that Prasad and Maria truly collaborated as a team, akin to a graceful waltz.  If one lead, the other followed, and vice versa. 


I Felt So Beautiful

I cannot describe how beautiful I felt.  This was not only because of my make-up, costume, jewelry, but also because I was quite comfortable and at ease.  In fact, I was playful, like a child, throughout the process, because that is what my wonderful photographers got out of me.  There was such great energy between all of us!  

I fondly remember one poignant moment:  

I was getting ready to strike a pose, but had to have my costume placed properly on the floor.  I was about to take care of it myself, because I have always been used to doing everything myself:  My own make-up, adjusting my costume, and etc.  But here, for the first time, I was given a chance to experience something radically different.   Prasad looked at me with mischief in his eyes. 

"Sumona.  What are you doing?"  

"Well, I need to fix this, because....."

Just Focus on the Camera and Share Your Beauty

Prasad smiled, "No worries.  Let your friends help you with that.  That is why they are here.   You know, you don't have to do everything yourself.  Just focus on the camera, dear, and share your beauty to it".  

My eyes twinkled and I smiled.  

I was humbled and touched beyond belief.   It was a very personal and spiritual lesson for me:  That sometimes it is more than alright to gracefully accept assistance. This is just one of the many beautiful moments I had with Prasad and Maria.  

Then the day of viewing and selecting my photos came a few weeks later.  

I must say--I was blown away, for my joy had no bounds.  My initial thought was, "My God, is that really me?" I have observed that a lot of  magazine photographers tend to photoshop so much, that their subjects don't even look like themselves.  This was not the case. Prasad and Maria made me look beautiful and natural.   It was me.  In fact, one of my favorite pictures is a black and white one, where I turn around and give a happy, surprise smile. 


If I didn't know any better, that picture truly reveals the very essence of my Soul.... 

.....through my eyes. " 







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